So happy to see one of our really special loft projects — Toy Loft — get a feature from the Los Angeles Times. Loved vicariously revisiting the design process while reading the story.

After purchasing, Terence and Yu crafted their vision for the loft on several Pinterest boards and scoured the internet for Los Angeles loft conversions. There they found CHA:COL, the firm of award-winning husband-and-wife architecture team Apurva Pande and Chinmaya Misra, who have a reputation for innovative loft design.
— LA Times

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Three Step House Features in Dwell by Apurva Pande

Excited to see our first ground-up residential project on a unique site in Silverlake get this nice feature from Dwell

Apurva Pande and Chinmaya Misra, the husband-and-wife duo behind CHA:COL, responded to the owners’ needs with a three-step dwelling, where each level precisely addresses the topography to avoid the need for elevators or excessive switchback stairs.
— Dwell Magazine

CHA:COL wins AIA recognition by Apurva Pande

Honored to receive a Residential Design Award from the American Institute of Architects for Writer’s Block.

Enjoyed the ceremony and being a part of such a talented group.

Writer’s Block by CHACOL, Inc.
The jury likes this project for the way it created a sculptural piece in the middle that performs many different functions, and which also works to both zone the entire loft into different areas and extends the dynamism with the use of carpet squares on the floor and paint running up the walls. It allows the space to read as very dynamic, and yet one space. | The space seems to pivot around a central structure which we all appreciate: a very effective use of funds to create not just a livable, but also a work space which will create any number of writing non-blocks.
— AIA Los Angeles Residential Design Awards Jury

American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles, Residential Design Award

American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles, Residential Design Award

CHA:COL's Loft Projects Feature in LA Times by Apurva Pande

Loved the feature by the Los Angeles Times covering the complexity and nuances of renovating and designing live-work lofts in urban, historic buildings. They described two of our special projects -- Twin Lofts and Writer's Block -- to help explain issues to the lay public. Thanks for featuring a design perspective on this issue LA Times!

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