CHA:COL presents at Dwell on Design / by Apurva Pande

Join us at Dwell on Design this weekend. We're presenting 'Tough Terrain, Peculiar Lots' this Saturday, June 24th. Register here for complimentary passes. Look forward to seeing you there.


The purpose of the presentation is to help explain the complex, unusual, often bizarre intersecting world of terrains, topography, unique lots as well as the adjudicating laws, agencies and codes that govern them. All this from an architect's design perspective.

LA has a diverse and complex terrain, hillsides, coasts, rivers, small lots, highways, special zones, transportation corridors, HOA, HPOZ...The list is overpowering, even for design professionals. Explore residences and lots that require vastly different strategies to make a project possible and highlight the issues that come with peculiar lots and physical conditions.


Look forward to seeing you there.